Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crouching Dog, Hidden Husband

Blog post #2. I intended that this would be belated race report from this year’s Uwharrie 40 miler, but that hasn’t happened yet. I figure that, if I can write a report within a month of the race, that's not so bad.

One of my excuses is a variation on “my dog ate my homework.” My dog – a 7 year old chocolate lab that has never encountered a food item he didn’t like, and also doesn’t mind eating all sorts of other things – is ill, and it’s a bit worrying. The details include lots of puking and not much appetite. And, this blog post title, which occurred to me as I sat in the exam room at the vet’s (Carrboro Plaza Vet, for those of you who are looking for a vet recommendation).

We went to the vet this afternoon, in part because my younger sister, a vet tech, suggested that the dog might be getting dehydrated. Indeed, that was part of the diagnosis, so the dog got a bag of fluids. The rest of the diagnosis remains elusive. The x-rays didn’t show anything obvious in the abdomen or intestines, although they showed some things that might be small parts of kids’ toys, household utensils or tiny animals. 

Bloodwork comes back tomorrow, and the puking has been temporarily halted by an injection of anti-nausea meds. With any luck, things will begin to improve or, at least, I’ll soon get a better idea of what’s going on. 

Oh, and the hidden husband? He’s not really hidden. I have a fairly good idea of where he is. But it’s somewhere between here and southern Africa, so he’s not able to be of much use on the sick dog front. He has had his share of travel misadventures already, including a plane that was diverted (or changed course) from London to Chicago (no, I can’t explain that one). Still, I’m a bit envious of anyone who’s not on sick dog alert just now.

(Running-related: for post-vet visit stress relief, I did a workout at Kenan Stadium. If you go early in the morning, you get the place to yourself. Mid-afternoon, it was a glorious early spring day, but I had to share the place with construction workers and the UNC football team. None of them, though, seemed to care how ridiculous I looked while doing double hops up the stairs. I’m just so happy that UNC’s stadium is relatively small – as in, not *that* many stairs).

Finally, my first pair of Crosslite 2.0s arrived late last week; I haven’t yet taken them out for a run yet. More on that soon…pending the dog’s recovery!


  1. I understand about the dog. The week before Uwharrie, our dog Jeffery had to have emergency surgery due to his "dietary indiscretion". I would like to say he learned his lesson, but he has returned to his "eat first, ask questions later" policy. It is a good sign that you haven't needed surgery yet!

  2. As it turns out, we had exactly the same problem (and a dog with a similar policy). It didn't seem to affect your running at Uwharrie, so maybe I *should have* decided to run Umstead this weekend!

  3. Ahh, but I did not have to contend with the "hidden husband" factor. That may be the tipping point :) Hope you puppy dog recovers, and your husband has made it to Africa by now.