Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My New Favorite Shoe

I'm not really supposed to be running much just now, because of a torn hamstring. Taking a break from running has been tough, in part because I'm probably addicted to the endorphins it produces, and in part because at some point in the last couple years, my "running friends" evolved into my "regular friends." So, less running means less time with friends. 

Less running has meant more helping out at home, especially in the mornings, more long walks for the dog, and more yoga. But a few weeks of lovely spring weather has had me really missing the local trails. And when this year's fabulous package of goodies from La Sportiva and the associate sponsors of the Mountain Running Team arrived, I really wanted to be back to training regularly. (I'm particularly excited about the addition of Honey Stinger nutrition products, and about my new sunglasses from Native Eyewear!)

That's not going to happen for a while; I've now come to accept that recovery and rest are important for long-run running health. But I have been able to, with the blessing of my physical therapist, sneak in a few hour-long trail runs over the last couple of weeks. These runs have given me much-need time with friends, and the opportunity to try out La Sportiva's new, lightweight shoe, the Vertical K.

And I love it! It's under 7 ounces, has the snug (especially through the midfoot) fit that I like, has a cushy sole (the same morphodynamic technology in shoes like the Electron and Quantum, but much lighter weight), and has good traction for muddy trails. I haven't had the chance to run more than 7 or 8 miles in these but, so far, they're great. Another reason to look forward to recovery. (More specs on the Vertical K are here).